Health & Safety

Health & safety is our priority. Our staff can perform their duties assured that all possible risks and precautions have been assessed and planned in advance. We work in partnership with THSP Risk Management to ensure a safe environment for our staff and customers.

Existing employees, and sub-contractors registered on our supply chain, have quarterly refresher programmes to ensure their qualifications and training is maintained to the current legislations and regulations.

 We operate an Employee Support Scheme which offers a host of training opportunities for individuals to assist with their development and establish what construction training they require. We operate this very closely with the CITB who regularly liaise with our management on updates and training together with supporting publications.

All employees commencing work receive safety induction training which includes details on the standards of a specific site. This is a requirement of our Health & Safety Procedure and no work is permitted until inductions have been completed. Items discussed include hazard identification, danger areas, preventive and protective measures, evacuation procedures, emergency plan, site safety rules and first aid provision.

All sites have regular safety audits – including fortnightly inspections and daily self-assessments undertaken by the Site Manager, the results of which are recorded. Any required improvement or training initiatives are developed from a review of these audits.


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